Risk Management Software

BowTieXP - Standard

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Visual risk assessment software

  • Enable thorough and efficient risk assessments by drawing bowtie diagrams with BowTieXP.
  • Create an easy to understand visual risk picture that can be understood at all levels of the organization.
  • Notice the strengths and weaknesses in your risk control framework at a single glance, so you can optimize the allocation of resources.

BowTieXP - Advanced

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Come with 14 extra features

  • Scrapbook – The scrapbook allows bowtie items to be collected for quickly building or expanding a bowtie.
  • Advanced filer – Filtering a bowtie on multiple criteria is possible with the advanced filter.
  • Diagram display profiles – Diagram display profiles can now be saved and used to quickly change the layout of the bowtie diagram.
  • Barrier families – This feature allows you to group barriers per threat or consequence line based on their common values.
  • Link barriers to your maintenance data – The maintenance status of your equipment / parts can now be linked to your barriers.


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Incident analysis software

  • Uncover what organizational and operational lessons should be learned from incidents, by working with barrier based methods.
  • Combines 5 innovative incident analysis methods in one tool.
  • Ensure a smooth analysis process and build professional incident diagrams.


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Barrier performance monitoring software

  • Proactively verify the performance of your safety barriers.
  • Improve barrier understanding by asking barrier specific questions and send related surveys to the accountable people.
  • Expose the strengths and weaknesses of your safety management system (SMS) by displaying survey results directly on your bowtie diagram.

BowTie Server

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Enterprise risk management software

  • An enterprise barrier based risk management solution that provides overview to optimize decision making.
  • Ideal for multi-division organizations that want to centrally gather all relevant risk management data.
  • Allows you to interact, share and report this information to the relevant person, whether it concerns workforce or board members.

BowTie Plugins

BowTie Plugins

Visualize your LOPA calculations

  • Spreadsheets are hard to read.
  • Make your LOPA study visual and easy to understand.


BowTie XL Logo

Quantify risk scenarios

  • Build and manipulate data in bowtie diagrams by making use of Microsoft Excel functionality.
  • This software connection allows for freedom and flexibility, finding various ways to quantify bowties.
  • Create actual risk pictures by using self-conceived formulas.

Hear to what they say:

“We applied many of the details of our sites in bowtie diagrams, relating to how well our sites are operating and the level of technical integrity. BowTieXP helped us in assessing, valuating and ranking the sites.”

OMV, Austria

“Bowtie has revolutionized the way we perform risk assessments, it has given us a clear picture of how we can be proactive before an event and how we can ensure we are prepared to respond after.”

Petrotrin, United States of America

“What does it mean if a valve has been taken off-line for maintenance? Or a detector, a pump or a ‘blow out preventer’? It all makes sense when you look at it from a barrier perspective.”

Al Hosn, United Arab Emirates

“I found the bowtie software very helpful and intuitive to use. Having a visual picture makes it so much easier to convey a safety issue and the risk that it poses.”

Civil Aviation Authority, United Kingdom

“We wanted to visualize company critical processes and be able to easily present and communicate them, both internally as externally. We also wanted to see which barriers were critical and/ or weak, for management to be able to take the necessary measures. Assigning barriers to individuals, allows them to focus on those issues they should worry about. I don’t think we would have achieved all of this with any other product than BowTieXP.”

Strukton Rail, Netherlands