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How to get your training during COVID-19's lockdown without harming your health and safety?

Facts: More than 8,000,000 people have been diagnosed with Covid-19 since early of 2020 till now

Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

If you are on this page, it is because you are frustrated with the restricted movement and is looking for a way to get your training to sustain your competency for your career.

COVID-19 has been the culprit of the economy of the world and force us to stay at home. This causes the decline of productivity for many businesses and the worst impact of it is if we remain idle which erode our knowledge and skills.

With care for you, we as a team are working together with our trainers and partners to ensure you are given the access to quality trainings throughout this COVID-19 pandemic through our DIGITAL CLASSROOM which promise you with interactive, safe and cost-effective training solutions.

We would like to welcome and invite you to continue learn below to this new way of training, Digital Classroom.

Stay Home, Stay Safe & Stay Competent.

Best regards,
Pace Up Academy

Why Digital Classroom is for you?

Quality Training Content

Learn similar quality training material as you are attending our face-to-face classroom.

Low Price

Get the same quality training content at more than 40% discounted price.

No. 1 Online Platform

Conducted using Zoom PRO with higher security and accessibility so that you can focus on learning with peace of mind.

Shorter Training Time

Learn only 4 hours per day. You can focus on your on-going works at the rest of the day.

e-Certificate for Participants

Get certified after completing the training as a proof of your mastery of the subject.