FREE WEBINAR – The Role of Production Technology in the Low and High Oil Prices

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The Role of Production Technology in the Low and High Oil Prices

Date: 1 October 2020, Thursday

Time: 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM (60 minutes)

Platform: Online – Zoom

Technology plays a particularly important role in the oil and gas industry as it allows the industry to become more productive and efficient in producing oil and gas from the reservoir. As more new technologies are developing in the industry, they have enabled the explosion of oil and gas production growth across the globe. Now, it is possible to study the reservoirs that are covered with thousands of feet of rock as the technology allows it.

Production Technology is a specialty area that requires different technical competencies and skill sets and act as a single point of contact for an entire life cycle of the well assets, from planning, execution, operation, and abandonment. The domain of Production Technology is from the sandface to the surface choke, where installation, maintenance and operation of the oilfield equipment and the boundary between the well and the reservoir need to be managed. It covers anything technical to assure the delivery of hydrocarbons from the reservoir to the marketplace.

Around the world, production technologists and production engineers can be found working and coordinating on the applications of perforations, sand control, artificial lift, and downhole control. They are responsible for the functional design and technical integrity of the oil and gas production systems from the reservoir to the surface. Their roles are vital to establish wells that are flowing making oil or gas while ensuring that the production continues to be economically reasonable.

Join us to hear from the subject matter experts on:

  • The roles and responsibilities of Production Technologist
  • How Production Technology helps oil and gas companies in both low and high oil price period
  • Applications of Production Technology to ensure optimal and improve production of oil and gas
Webinar - The Role of Production Technology in The Low and High Oil Prices

Who Should Attend?

  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Production Technologists
  • Production Engineers
  • Completions Engineers
  • Engineering Managers
  • Production Managers
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Process Engineers

And others who are interested to gain a deeper knowledge in Production Technology.

About the speakers:

Photo - Thierry Wee

Thierry Wee

  • Founder & Managing Director at Invigour Energy
  • Chartered Petroleum Engineer (ECUK) with 17 years of in oil and gas industry
  • Principal Production Technologist
  • Subject Matter Expert: Integrate Production Modelling, Real-time Monitoring and Optimisation
  • Course trainer for: Integrated Prod. System Analysis, Prod. Enhancement Level 2, Artificial Lift, Advanced Well
Photo - Graeme Rae

Graeme Rae

  • 32 years of industry experience
  • Head of Petroleum Engineering and Production Technology Advisor across all of Petrofac Malaysia assets, including PSC and RSC projects
  • Technical Authority for wells, short term forecasting, Well Delivery Process development, and engineer competency assessment.
  • Leading near field appraisal activities including reserves assessment, concept development, and economic screening.