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Learning from Incidents Using a Barrier-based Approach

Date: 30 May 2022, Monday

Time: 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM (GMT+8)

Platform: Online – Microsoft Teams

Learning from incidents, or LFI, is just one of many activities in managing safety in an organisation. LFI is defined as “a process through which employees and the organisation as a whole seek to understand any negative safety events that have taken place to prevent similar future events.” The outcome usually should lead to changes in behaviour or technical process in any organisation if all stages of LFI are properly implemented.

In terms of barrier-based approaches to risk and incident management, LFI can be achieved through linking proactive risk models (the Bowtie) to data from incident analysis tools such as Tripod Beta, BSCAT and Barrier Failure Analysis (BFA).  This enables improvements to the initial risk assessment to be made.

Webinar Barrier-Based Risk Management May

Who should attend?

Gain insights into how LFI can be achieved through barrier-based risk and incident management by attending this free online webinar which is open to:

  • Accident investigation team leaders and team members;
  • Line managers and supervisors;
  • Reliability and maintenance managers;
  • HSE advisors, safety officers and supervisors;
  • Quality assurance managers;
  • Insurance assessors, and;
  • Regulatory officers

About the speaker:

Faizal Farid Wajidi, Principal Consultant, HSE & Risk Management, Pace Up Academy

Faizal is specialized in HSE Risk Management, Environmental Assessment, Health Physics and nuclear applications.  He has more than 35 years of professional experience, mainly spent in the major hazard sector.

Faizal has broad experience of applying risk management tools and has applied the software-based Bowtie tool for offshore HSE Case studies.  Among the earliest users of the BowTieXP software, he is a qualified and experienced Bowtie workshop facilitator having led several HSE risk- and Enterprise risk-based Bowtie workshops for safety regulators and for major companies in the oil and gas, petrochemical, road transportation, oil-well services, maritime and aviation/aerospace sectors in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

Faizal has previously worked with Shell, Schlumberger, ICI Physics and Radioisotope Services Group, Enviros and Risktec.  He graduated from the University of Reading, United Kingdom, with a B.Sc (Hon) degree in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics.