Introduction to Oil & Gas: Drilling & Well Completion Operations

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Drilling is a mechanical process where a wellbore is being drilled beneath the rock formations. It is typically carried out in order to explore for and subsequently extract the hydrocarbon from the subsurface.  As drilling and completion activities normally will incur a huge sum of money, each of the individuals will play a vital role to make sure that every campaign’s targets are met and profits are realized.

This 2-day course will explain the fundamentals of drilling and completion with an emphasis on key areas such as rig selections, drilling tools, and also well design theory. Clear and understandable explanations of drilling rig equipment, procedures, and their complex interactions provide an excellent foundation for smooth communication and increased efficiency in inter-department project team efforts.


  • Employees new to the industry
  • Contractors
  • Government policy-makers
  • Professionals and advisors
  • Members of the community seeking a basic understanding of the industry
  • Businesses intending to enter the industry
  • Drilling rigs selection, common equipment onboard and rig activities
  • Basic drilling tools
  • Drilling bit
  • Measurement and Logging While Drilling
  • Basic well type and design theory
  • Basic BHA design and theory
  • Other drilling technologies such as MPD, PMCD and Casing While Drilling
  • Well completion