Fundamental Skills for Sales Professionals – Business-to-Business Sales (B2B) – DC07

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Professionals entering or new to the Sales function, often have had limited exposure to the skills, knowledge and processes required to perform as a Sales Professional.

With a focus on Business-to-Business (B2B) Sales, this course aims to provide the insights & knowledge of basic activities within Sales and then focus on the skills required to understand, communicate, execute professional sales calls & build a trusting relationship with your customer.

We will touch on Marketing & Sales, Account & Opportunity Management, Value Proposition, Bidding & Negotiations, but will spend most time addressing Communications & Sales Call Skills, plus the Sales Activities in pursuing Business Opportunities from Prospecting for Leads, through to Proposal & Follow-Up.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, participant will be able to:

  1. Define the Marketing Process
  2. Explain where the Sales function relates to Marketing
  3. Use Customer analysis tools to understand buying habits (buying center, technology adoption, buyer readiness)
  4. Describe benefits of Account Management
  5. Describe how trust & listening are tools in relationships
  6. Explain how profiling yourself & your customer can improve the relationship
  7. Prepare a Value Proposition with impact
  8. Understand the key sales activities to manage the sales pipeline
  9. Make relationship-building a specific & continuous process
  10. Choose which prospecting components to include in your prospecting plan
  11. Apply a structured approach to building proposals
  12. Manage key follow-up activities
  13. Explain the components of the Needs Satisfaction Process
  14. Demonstrate the use of open and closed probes
  15. Explain why & how to support as part of a sales call
  16. Describe how to close & follow-up a sales call
  17. Explain the steps in the SPIN selling process
  18. Adequately deal with a range of negative customer reactions

Course Objectives

  • To provide insight into the various Sales activities within a Sales Organization for individuals aspiring to perform as a Professional Salesperson.
  • To enable participants to deliver excellent sales coverage with a special focus on sales communication skills, sales call skills, and targeted sales activities (Prospecting through Proposals & Follow-up).
  • To provide an opportunity to interface with other prospective Professional Salespersons, to engage in work sessions & exercises, and to share experiences.

Course Methodology

  • Interactive Learning
  • Real Case Studies
  • Topical Videos
  • Online Quizzes
  • Group Activity
  • Q&A Session


  • B2B Sales professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Business Development professionals
  • Customer Service professionals
  • Individuals who aim to be successful Sales professionals


  • Overview with Impact
  • Timeline/Schedule
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Purpose/Benefits
  • Objectives
  • Attendee & Presenter Introductions
  • Rules/Expectations

Fundamental Sales Activities

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Account & Opportunity Management
  • Value Proposition
  • Communications Skills

Targeted Sales Activities

  • Relationship Management
  • Prospecting
  • Qualifying
  • Sales Meetings
  • Present Proposals & Follow-Up

Sales Call Skills

  • Need Satisfaction Process
  • Planning
  • Purpose Tactics & Objectives
  • SPIN
  • PQCL
  • CRM
  • Post Sales Call Analysis

Summary & Conclusion

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