Introduction to Oil & Gas: Surface Production Facilities Overview – EP02

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The petroleum upstream industry includes the exploration of the oil & gas activities, drilling of the wells, field development plan to develop the intended field, production phases which is producing the oil and gas and lastly is abandonment of the field when the field is not economic anymore.

There are many offshore structure exist and each and every structure is different in purpose. There is drilling rig which used for drilling a well. Production platform which is used as a medium to receive and process the extracted product either oil or gas before sent to shore. There also a mobile unit used for drilling and production or even for accommodation purposes.

During the production phases, there are a lot of equipment and system required to receive, process and transport the product either oil or gas. In this session, the participant will go through various system and equipment normally used as a production platform surface facilities.


Learning Objectives

The course is designed to give awareness and understanding regarding the equipment and system used on the production platform surface facilities. At the end of the session, the participant will have a better view on the process flow and equipment used on the production platform.

  • Employees new to the industry
  • Contractors
  • Government policy-makers
  • Professionals and advisors
  • Members of the community seeking a basic understanding of the industry
  • Businesses intending to enter the industry
  • Wellhead and Christmas tree.
  • Separation system.
  • Static and rotating equipment & system
  • Pipeline network system
  • Storage and offloading system.
  • Metering system.
  • Lifting system
  • Logistic (Aviation & Marine)
  • Chemical injection system
  • Living Quarters
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