Fundamental Skills For B2B Sales Professionals – Sales Activities in Pursuing Business Opportunities – DC07

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Professionals entering, or new to the Sales function, often have had limited exposure to the skills, knowledge & processes required to perform as a Sales Professional.

With a focus on Business to Business (B2B) Sales, this will be one of several short courses aiming to provide the insights & knowledge of basic activities within Sales, & to focus on the skills required to understand, communicate, execute professional sales calls & build a trusting relationship with your customer.

Over the course of several short courses, we will touch on Sales Fundamentals, (including Marketing & Sales, Value Drivers, Account Profiling & Opportunity Management), Relationship Management & Sales Call Skills (including Communications, Customer Analysis, Trust, Need Satisfaction & Handling Customer Objections), plus the Sales Activities in pursuing Business Opportunities (including Prospecting, Qualifying, Meetings, Proposals & Follow-up).

For this specific Short Course, we will focus on the basic Sales Activities required when pursuing Business Opportunities. These activities include Fundamental Skills and Processes required by Sales Professionals when engaging with customers.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course, participant will be able to:

  1. Choose which prospecting components to include in your prospecting plan
  2. Detail what information supports qualifying a lead
  3. Apply the 4 fundamental questions used to assess an opportunity
  4. Prepare PRIME activities based on the opportunity assessment
  5. Recognize customer analysis tools supporting understanding of buying habits
  6. Retrieve key information from a customer in support of preparing a proposal
  7. Answer 4 key questions throughout a proposal
  8. Apply a structured approach to building proposals
  9. Manage and explain key follow-up activities

Course Objectives

To provide insight into the various Sales activities within a Sales Organization for individuals aspiring to perform as a Professional Salesperson.

This short course on Basic Sales Activities in pursuit of Business Opportunities, will provide those same Professional Salespersons, with the introductory level skills, knowledge & processes, to allow them to deliver excellent sales coverage with focus on prospecting, qualifying leads, conducting sales meeting with customers, preparing proposals and following-up after an award.

These courses provide an opportunity to interface with other prospective Professional Salespersons, to engage in work sessions & exercises, and to share experiences.

Course Methodology

  • Interactive lectures
  • Group Dynamics
  • Workshop style
  • Case studies
  • Q&A

Any individual in a customer facing business to business (B2B) situation, who does not have a good understanding of the fundamental (basic) skills, knowledge & processes needed in selling to & communicating with that customer & is looking for guidance & direction.

This would include individuals moving into, or new to a Sales role, those that interface with a business customer, & anyone within a B2B Sales organization who have not been provided direction (training, supervision, coaching or mentoring) in the pursuit of those fundamental Sales skills, knowledge & processes.

  • Introduction
    • Overview with Impact
    • Timeline/Schedule
    • Learning Outcomes
    • Purpose/Benefits
    • Objectives
    • Attendee & Presenter Introductions
    • Rules/Expectations
  • Sales Activities
    • Prospecting
    • Qualifying
    • Customer Sales Meetings
    • Presenting Proposals
    • Follow-up
  • Summary & Conclusion