Developing HSE Case MAH Bowties for Oil & Gas Operators and Offshore Contractors – HSE06

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The Bowtie Methodology lies at the foundation of The Hazards and Effects Management Process (HEMP), the latter being originally developed to provide a structured approach to the analysis of safety hazards throughout the life cycle of an installation that has become the International Best Practice for risk management. The Bowtie technique offers a powerful visual tool for analyzing hazard scenarios and communicating to the workforce how hazards are released, how they can escalate and how they can be managed effectively.

Within the context of HSE Cases, the Bowtie technique is mainly used for the detailed analysis of the controls for Major Accident Hazards (MAHs). For Offshore Contractor HSE Cases, MAH Bowties are usually required for decommissioning activities, well services (such as drilling and workovers) and marine, lifting and helicopter operations.

This two-day training provides participants with a firm grounding of the principles of the Hazards and Effects Management Process (HEMP), the theoretical and practical aspects of Bowtie applications, and how to utilize information from the relevant sections of the HSE Case to develop enhanced MAH Bowtie models. Participants will be required to undertake a number of worked exercises in order to gain practical experience with the use of Bowties.


Learning Objectives

This course is designed to help participants to:

  • Gain an understanding of the key principles of the Hazards & Effects Management Process (HEMP) and the Bowtie Methodology;
  • Gain an understanding of the principles that underlays loss causation. Loss prevention and barrier-based risk management;
  • Acquire hands-on experience in building complete Bowtie models and performing Bowtie analysis using the BowTieXP software;
  • Develop enhanced MAH Bowties for their company’s operations, activities and facilities utilizing information from the relevant sections of the HSE Case;
  • Gain a firm grasp of barrier management and acquire practical know-how of it can be effectively achieved.
  • Understand the requirements of the HSE MS and the HSE Case and how the Bowtie fits into these requirements.

This course is designed for personnel involved in the management of HSE, Operations, Process, Maintenance, Engineering Design, Projects, Facilities and Enterprise Risk, as well as contractor (helicopter, marine, crane, well services) personnel, who are required as part of their job responsibilities to:

  • Identify hazards and effects, Assess their significance, provide Control for hazards and effects and/or provide Recovery Preparedness in the case that control is lost.
  • Assume accountabilities/responsibilities for HSE critical activities and HSE critical equipment to ensure that barriers are in place and are effective at all times.
  • Overview of the Hazards and Effects Management Process
  • The Bowtie Methodology & the BowTieXP Software
  • Barrier Management
  • Building Bowtie Models Using the BowTieXP software
  • HSE MS, HSE Cases and the Bowtie
  • HSE Cases and Bowties – Syndicate Exercises
Kuala Lumpur 13 Oct 2020 - 14 Oct 2020
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