Bowtie Risk Management

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This course provides a training which includes understanding of the basic Risk Management terminologies and on how the Bow-Tie methodology is used when doing Risk Assessment. The BOWTIE is a risk evaluation method that can be used to analyze and demonstrate causal relationships in high risk scenarios. The method takes its name from the shape of the diagram that you create, which looks like a men’s bowtie.

Bow-Tie technique is used for analyzing hazard scenarios, identify existing barriers or controls, identify escalating hazards and managing the risk effectively. Using visual diagram, Bow-Tie technique is an excellent tool for communication in every level of workforce in an organization.  The participants will learn the Bow-Tie methodology as well as gain hands-on experience through Bow-Tie workshop.

  • Engineers and Technicians
  • Supervisors
  • HSE Professionals
  • Safety Committee Members
  • First Level Management
  • HSE Definitions
  • Basic Risk Management
  • Understanding Job Safety Analysis
  • Introduction to Bowtie and its Methodology
  • Understanding Top Events and Potential Threats
  • Identifying the Potential Consequences
  • Identifying Potential Escalation Factors and Controls